Introducing Earth Charter Blog: Message from Earth Charter International

Earth Charter International is happy and excited to support the new Earth Charter Blog, organized by members of our dedicated Youth Task Force. This initiative is exactly the kind of action that ECI hopes to see in the world; a decentralized action inspired by the Earth Charter’s broad and inclusive vision of sustainability.

The Earth Charter is more than a list of principles; it is a guide to creating the just, peaceful, and sustainable global society that is needed to address the many ills that we face as a species, along with the millions of other species who share Planet Earth with us. As I write this, Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements around the world are starting to address the economic inequity that has marginalized so many for the disproportionate benefit of very few. This year has seen the overthrow of autocrats in North Africa and the awakening of a democratic consciousness across the Arab world. There is clearly widespread civil dissatisfaction in many corners of the world and it is simultaneously accompanied by a continuing disregard for and degradation of the environment. I believe that we are at the beginning of a global awakening, the realization of interdependence across cultures, nations, species, and generations. I hope this awakening and the society that emerges will be guided by the fundamental ethical principles of the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter document, created through the most participatory drafting process in history, provides us with a roadmap for creating a just, peaceful, and sustainable Planet Earth. Continue reading

Earth Charter Blog Unites with Stories

The Earth Charter Blog is being launched by the Youth Task Force team!  We are very excited about this new opportunity to communicate more across the distances, and unite around the values expressed in the Earth Charter for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

The Earth Charter Blog will contain articles on what’s happening in the ECI community, stories of service, updates on Earth Charter inspired projects, opinion pieces, and much more. And it’s not only for young people! We hope to receive submissions from anyone in the Earth Charter Initiative. By having a space to share more about the work we are all engaged in, we hope to support those already taking action and inspire others to join in making the world a better place.

ECYG Youth in Action Ghana

In April 2011, 105 youth from Eastern Ghana participated in planting trees, and cleaning areas which facilitate mosquito breeding in stagnant waters.

For more details about this ECYG Ghana event, see the website!

Ecovillage Conference, Egypt, 18th-21st November, 2011

The Global Eco-village Network organized a conference in Cairo, Egypt from the 18th to the 21st November. The conference took place in Sekem, a village located 60 km from Cairo. The purpose of the conference was to gather with African youth from all the regions of Africa and share their ecological projects. The Sekem eco-village served as a great example of  a village that benefits and operates using sustainable ways of living. Continue reading

Blogging as Ecology


How Ripples Reflects a New Part of Nature

After a wonderful meeting of the Earth Charter Youth Task Force this morning, and after reading Biz Stone’s Who Let the Blogs Out, I have been thrust into a new understanding of sustainability that includes something I have always felt was the antithesis of nature: technology.

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Fair Trade Defined

Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. More and more people are starting to question where their products come from. Were the workers treated fairly? Were they paid proper wages? How does this purchase effect those involved in the production? Will my purchase make a difference? Continue reading