Simran Vedvyas

Simran Vedvyas, Earth Charter International YTFG Country Activator all set to be the youngest torch bearer from UAE

Simran Vedvyas, Earth Charter Youth Group Country Activator all set to be the youngest torch bearer from UAE, and carry the Olympic Flame during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Simran was chosen from the region by Samsung Gulf Electronics, to carry the esteemed Olympic Flame during the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer as it journeys across the UK. She is one of the only six chosen from UAE. It will be, not only, her moment to shine as she will be inspiring millions of people watching her in her community- India and country-United Arab Emirates, in the United Kingdom and worldwide but also a very proud moment for GEMS and her school, The Millennium School.

Olympic Torch London 2012

“Being a winner for the second time in the same year 2011-2012 for both the ‘Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance’ and ‘Sharjah Educational Award for Academic Excellence’ is a celebrated experience for me” says Simran Vedvyas.

As a person Simran Vedvyas strives for promoting the Earth Charter and take challenges of incorporating the principles into her daily life. Her actions included a successfully collected over 1500 pairs of shoes in less than a month for the impoverished patients suffering from Diabetes in Africa and Middle East (2010-2011) through her campaign “Connect for Diabetes-Share Your Shoes.” She coordinated to pack, send and distribute these shoes throughout the US- aided AMPATH Centre in Eldoret Kenya, Africa in November 2010. She made a personal visit to Kenya to meet the officials in December2010 during her school vacation.  In July 2011, she dispatched another similar lot of shoes to Uganda.  She was awarded with The Principal’s Citizenship Award in 2011.

The drive continued and on the 40th National Day of United Arab Emirates – “Together for Diabetes Walkathon- Raise your hands for Africa” was organized with the aim to wear a wrist band and walk 3 kilometers to create awareness for the cause. Abbott International committed to  print Diabetes Monitoring Diaries for the suffering and needy patients in Africa; equivalent to the number of people who participate in the walk.  Simran was chosen as the Student Ambassador for the event.  She has, for the second time, also won both prestigious academic awards for the year 2011-2012; “Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance” and “Sharjah Educational Award for Academic Excellence”.

Simran Vedvyas

Simran is passionate in promoting the Earth Charter with a constant positive attitude racing towards accomplishments. She is always reminded by a quote from His Excellency Nelson Mandela, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”.


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