The Earth Charter Blog is to share your experiences and projects inspired by Earth Charter principles. The main purpose of the blog is to be a platform for people sharing and supporting resources, as well as taking action inspired by the Earth Charter. The blog’s articles will focus actions, thoughts and stories where the Earth Charter is the background or foundation.

The Earth Charter Blog is a Youth Task Force project of the Earth Charter Initiative. The blog is managed by Youth Task Force leaders Sujan Saha and Amanda Bancroft with active support from Earth Charter secretariat at UPEACE, c/o University for Peace, San José, Costa Rica.

As part of the Earth Charter Initiative Youth Task Force is a bold, diverse and dynamic action-oriented youth network that promotes the principles of the Earth Charter among young people. This youth network involves active young people from over 100 countries, with more than 90 Earth Charter Youth Groups (ECYGs), over 55 Country Activators and numerous partners around the world.

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