The Earth Charter Blog

About: The Earth Charter wants you to share your experiences and projects inspired by the Earth Charter!

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Posts should be about actions going on around the world to promote the values of the Earth Charter and stories of actions inspired by the Earth Charter.
  2. The audience for the EC Blog is policy makers and the general public, not experts or philosophers. Posts should not contain technical language that is not understandable by common people. The language should be either British or American English.
  3. For the longer version research paper, the reference style should be Harvard referencing (author-date system). Internet sources should have full URL with access date e.g. (Available: <> [Accessed on 6 October, 2011]).
  4. Photographs, video clips, images, and graphs are highly encouraged, as long as no intellectual property rights are violated.
  5. The author should submit a short biography. The biography should contain a personal and organizational profile with contact details and preferably a self-portrait photograph.
  6. Disclaimer: The authors are responsible for the copy-right of materials and opinions expressed in the posts.  Neither the blog editors nor Earth Charter International bear such responsibilities.

Submit Posts to:

Tips for Writing a Blog Post:

1. 500 words is PERFECT. anywhere between 500 – 1000 is ok, anything
over 1000 everyone has stopped reading. (yes we know, this is the most
broken rule of blogging! But believe us and it will save you a lot of
wasted time and effort.)

2. Break it up. Blogs are meant to be read quickly, big blocks of text
put people off, write concisely and use short paragraphs for maximum

3. Always include a picture. We’re all small children at heart and
it’s really true a picture says a thousand words. Even if the picture
isn’t completely relevant it helps to make your blog look more

4. Find your own style. You’re not writing for a paper so it’s
perfectly ok to write as you would speak, the best blogs are the ones
where you can recognise the style of the blogger and feel like you
know them.

5. Be personal, tell your story. If people want the news they’ll read
a newspaper. A blog is an opportunity for you to tell the story from
your point of view in your words, include personal reflections,
anecdotes and anything else you want to help you connect with the

Some other links to tips and advice:


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